Land Survey Services


  • Acceptable for providing extended coverage for residential real estate
  • Located the boundary of the property and give reference points relating to adjoining property and rights of way
  • Discloses visible evidence of the improvements located on the land
  • Discloses easments and building setback lines


  • Mortgage inspection includes field investigation, measurements and graphic representation of improvements
  • Survey to serve as collateral for mortgage

ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey

  • Specialized survey that meets specific need peticular to title insurance purposes, to enable title insuracne companies to insure titel to land with exceptions as to survey matters.
  • Required for commercial transactions
  • More detailed than Boundary surveys


  • Surveys are two-dimensional drawings of real estate, often disclosing the physical limits of the land and any buildings and other improvements located on the land.
  • Surveys are prepared by an Illinois professional land surveyor, licensed under the laws of Illinois
  • Surveys are provied in real estate tranactions to give extended coverage
  • The five standard exceptions may be waived with a valid, current survey and signed ALTA Statement
  • Encroachments or violations disclosed by the survey are raised as special exceptions